Ripple Throw Progress Report: three-quarters there

(Pardon my pajamas and feet.)

Yes, it's That Time. The time for me to bask in the ever-increasing glow of my ripple blanket. It really is quite the beast now! I would guess it's about 70-75% of the way done. It's very warm and heavy. As the weather grows warmer, it becomes a sweaty sort of affair to work on, covering my lap and legs as completely as it does. There are cooler days here and there, or evenings when the air conditioner is on, and I like to work on it then.

So far it's about four feet tall, and getting hard to take pictures of.

Here are some visual aids...

Currently I need to buy one more skein of yarn (I'm using three different whites, although I'm not sure you can tell, and I want them to feel evenly distributed between snow white, dull white, and cream) and then I think from there the goal will just be to keep going till I'm out of the yarn I have left, and call it done! I estimate a couple more feet or so! It's all by ear, so whatever works out is pretty fine with me. This has been such a fun project for me so far. I hardly ever do things bigger than little Blythe hats. I have liked having a pet project that I can pick up and feel like I've made progress on, even if it's one stripe here and seven there.

Today's delights:
  • nachos - yummm
  • springy, stormy weather
  • doing hard burn on a writing project! Tunnel vision!!


  1. It's really looking great Jane, and I love that you used your girls to measure the length . . . it's a super fun photo! Rather like your floor tiles too!!

    Thanks for becoming one of my blog buddies, it makes it so much nicer when one is sharing thoughts with friends, rather than just muttering away to oneself . . . which I seem to do a lot these days. LOL!

  2. LOL, I know just what you mean! Usually no one comments to my blog, but I simply must have a place to blather about Blythe and crocheting and all the stuff that is preoccupying me. I don't mind if no one comments, but it's delightful when they do!

    And thanks! :) It's so hard to demonstrate its full size!

  3. Loveeee where is this pattern from? I think I want to make one soon :)