understated as ever

It's so incredibly lovely out on these April afternoons! Despite Miss Beatrix looking extra cute in a very vintagey orange and blue plaid (!!!) dress that suited her so perfectly that she wore it for a few months, I finally let her have first dibs on this fabulous charcoal-gray CannonBelle cardigan. She's also wearing one of my fave Reve de Rui dresses -- it's quite airy -- and Very Vicky's dark teal stock Mary Janes. The little bow keeping her side-part back in a twist is from a scrap of mustard ripple yarn. I just love Beatrix in yellows and mustards. Her front-facing chips are yellow!


  • listening to: "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" -- not gonna lie, I still love the music video for it!
  • coveting: this J. Crew. sweater... in ruby!
  • working on: laundry, writing, ripple blanket
  • contemplating: what on Earth to ask for for my birthday in a couple of weeks!


  1. Oh! It is beautiful! I love this hair and wool sweater :)

  2. Jane she looks just delightful...love her gorgeous outfit and her very studious look!

  3. Thank you so much, Marisol!

    "Studious" is a perfect word for Miss B, Sandi! She is one of those types who loves school/office supplies, I suspect. (Don't we all.)

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