lazy hazy crazy days of summer

Miss Petaline spent too much time with her foot bent in her boot, unbeknownst to me, so now my poor Miss has a jaunty-looking bendyfoot condition! I hope it will settle down again, but if not, I may well do a little [stage whisper] PLASTIC SURGERY. Don't worry, Petaline. All the best TV shows do body-swap episodes. You will join a grand tradition. Anyway, here's Miss P in one of my favorite little second-hand dresses, stockings and petticoat and bloomers in place because even in 105-degree weather, Petaline prefers propriety.

I have always wanted to do some green antlers on a deer hat. This is a colorway I've never used before, either. Why not, I say! It's in the shop.

PS: The other day Sandi of The Blythe Ghost, maker of one of Petaline's favorite frocks, kindly lauded me with an award!

I'm going to start saying I'm "versatile" instead of "scatter-brained."


  1. I like Petaline's outfit Jane, very earthy and it suits her exceptionally well . . . and I love her deer hat! Hope her foot heals well.

  2. Belatedly, thank you, Sandi! Green sure does bring out Very Vicky's green chips :) I will pass on your well-wishes to Miss Petaline!