like we did last summer

Right now my hair is really long. It's quite layered, but the longest bits in back reach to the back of my waist. It's too heavy for a ponytail, and too hot to be left down -- it's a nuisance, too. Eventually I'll get a haircut, but until then, I've adopted maiden twists as my hairdo of choice.

I like braids and used to do maiden/Heidi braids a lot last year, but my hair is often so long that even braided, the ropes of them are too long to fit across my crown. They double up awkwardly and are a real horror to pin in place, and little bits of hair fly out of them because of my layers. I didn't even think about trying out twists till I saw Kate Gabrielle's three-minute maiden twists video. My hair is about three times as long as hers, but I gave it a go anyway, and I must say, the twist method works so much better for me than braids! There are no fly-aways and I can twist my hair tight enough to get the perfect length across my crown. I feel like the pins behave better, too, and like I don't have to use as many.

I've been tucking the bear-eared barettes I made back in December onto my head as well. It's certainly a "look."

deer hat giveaway winner!

This is how we do~o it! Without the aplomb and showmanship of some people who do giveaways, I suspect. But I was very excited when I realized it was time to see who I'd be shipping to so I scurried to do it.

The 10th comment on the giveaway post was left by Di2Quilt! Congrats, Diana, and a big thank you to everyone who left a comment! I didn't expect more than a couple of comments, so it was my honor to receive so many! I truly thank you all for your interest!

(P.S.: My Coco Collette got shipped!! Eek!)

just peachy!

I haven't raided the Sundries section on Blythe Kingdom in almost a year, how wack. I snagged all these (and also a set of Prairie Posie stock, sans boots -- yay!) and I think I must be in a peach mood. Petaline and Beatrix are really excited about this stock Phoebe Maybe blouse!

I'm on edge waiting for my Coco Collette to be shipped already!! I'm kind of nervous!

gooses! geeses! giveaways!

I've had a tough and busy couple of weeks, but it's all shaken out okay... and the most delightful, random, and delightfully random thing happened: I won a giveaway on!

I didn't sign up or anything like that. It was totally random! So that was a definite perk to my mood, and when the cardigan Michelle made arrived in my mailbox I was perked up all over again. Plummery has been wearing it since it arrived (she and I are the types that will wear sweaters in hundred-degree heat) and, you guys, it has teeny tiny pockets!! For all of Plummery's secret things, I suspect.

Thanks so much, Michelle. It truly lifted my mood and was a bright spot in the little storm of stress I've been weathering!

I want to pay this kindness forward, so I am going to have a little giveaway of my own!

I'm giving away one frost hat! They're the most popular and time-consuming pixie hat in my shop. If you want a chance for a freebie frostie, leave a comment on this post saying hello with a link to your Flickr or blog (so I can contact you, but also so I can spy on your dollies). I'll use to pick a winner a week from today, on Tuesday, July 24th.

You don't have to follow my blog or my Flickr or my Twitter or anything like that; there are no stipulations other than giving me a way to contact you if you win. It will cost you nothing and I will ship anywhere. I just want to send somebody a hat, randomly, and hopefully brighten their day!