like we did last summer

Right now my hair is really long. It's quite layered, but the longest bits in back reach to the back of my waist. It's too heavy for a ponytail, and too hot to be left down -- it's a nuisance, too. Eventually I'll get a haircut, but until then, I've adopted maiden twists as my hairdo of choice.

I like braids and used to do maiden/Heidi braids a lot last year, but my hair is often so long that even braided, the ropes of them are too long to fit across my crown. They double up awkwardly and are a real horror to pin in place, and little bits of hair fly out of them because of my layers. I didn't even think about trying out twists till I saw Kate Gabrielle's three-minute maiden twists video. My hair is about three times as long as hers, but I gave it a go anyway, and I must say, the twist method works so much better for me than braids! There are no fly-aways and I can twist my hair tight enough to get the perfect length across my crown. I feel like the pins behave better, too, and like I don't have to use as many.

I've been tucking the bear-eared barettes I made back in December onto my head as well. It's certainly a "look."


  1. Jane you make the cutest teddy bear! Love the new fun look.