granny practice

Hello, December!

Still recovering from a double-whammy illness acquired sadly near Thanksgiving. But my holiday shopping is on track and I'm really in the mood to crochet...

I've been wanting to make a granny square throw for what feels like years now. I find them really fun to make (even though I have to basically re-learn how to do it every time I make any!) but the least fun to actually attach together. I really want to find a way to do this with minimal pain so next year I can make the cheapy, cheesy, and of course shabby chic-y granny square throw of my dreams! In the meantime, scoping out grannies on Ravelry and doing scrap squares for practice.

PS: Now that it's colder outside, I'm definitely happy I have my ripple -- especially as my everyday blanket is falling apart despite my attempts to mend it!


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