suspect this may be heaven

Something delightful arrived in the mail today! After many months, it is the cute yellow ukulele I asked for on my last birthday. Back in May, it was back-ordered, so I just got it!

Right now the strings are like rubber bands, so it's not tuned yet, but it did get named: Sunny! It makes a cute little pair with my white guitar, Ghosty Boo. I'm excited because even though it's a cheap ukulele, I've read that you can switch out the strings with better ones and get a really nice sound.

And Mallow happened to be wearing the dress that was on my list in that same birthday post, and which I acquired. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them together! I'm kind of surrounded in yellow right now...

Yesterday I bought some cheapy white and mustard acrylic yarn so I can fixate further on granny squares! Also this cinnamon-scented candle. After several months, I'm still kind of addicted.


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