those blues

Practicing my knitting by revisiting this slouchy elf hat pattern over and over. It's confidence-boosting that I can manage my way through it, yet at the same time, it still gives me trouble. I am faster at purling now, so that is heartening, at least. Here, Lamb models a hat that will be sent to my friend L's Bloomy Bloomsbury, Edolie.

I just saw the cutest thing on Feeling Stitchy:

This inspires me so much! I really want to do something similar -- maybe not a cozy but some general embroidery featuring a fluffy doily-looking cutout like that. The curvy edging looks difficult to cut, but mine would not have to be so perfect. :)


Spent a soothing weekend with my bestie since kindergarten, watching comfort TV and crocheting/knitting, respectively. She gifted me with this lovely little pink and white pyrex bowl for my birthday! (It happened to also be full of lip balm -- I might do a post on that soon!) So thoughtful! She thought of me because of the pink, which delights me utterly. Whenever I finished a granny square I deposited in the bowl. It was the happiest little bowl.

I really would like to do a little blanket strictly out of white and mustard yarn (colors I happened to use in my epic ripple too). Making granny squares is the most fun, quick thing, but unfortunately I just hate joining them! I've got to find a method that will make me willing to join all these squares!

Nothin' but a number.

Today I am 30 years old!  It seems crazy.  I don't feel 30 at all, but I've never really felt my age.  I've always felt younger than I am, and yet at the same time, world-weary and ancient.  I was talking to my 80-year-old grandmother today and she said she didn't feel her age either.

This Pink Ranger hoodie is one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten!