my September

Yes, friends! I'm rippling once more! Do I sound crazy for never wanting to let another year go by without rippling at least once?? It's just so nice to have a project that I can pick up, make progress on, and just sail along with. I'm still writing a ton, so when I'm not wrapped up in a Word document, this is mindless enough to let me think about my story -- but not too hard.

This throw is for my little sister, and it's about half the size of my epic ripple blanket. It only takes me about twenty minutes a row (about an episode of The Big Bang Theory; my ripple blanket's rows took me about an episode of Gilmore Girls) so I feel like I'm chugging along.

By the end of the year, I hope to have made this throw and my granny throw! Too daring a goal?? We'll find out!

Petaline and Plummery got some new dresses!