conquest of cute, part 4

Cute Storage: Ceramics Edition!  Here are a couple of Christmas gifts, plus a couple of cheap scores!

Maybe you've been a long-time reader and you know I have a thing for teeth! If not, well. I like cute teeth. I don't want real teeth; it's more of an artistic representation of teeth that I like. Maybe I'll post more about that sometime. I have some collections that are nearly too small to be considered collections, so it feels silly to post about them, but this is a real thing I like, haha.

But for now, I got these two little ceramic teeth planters from my mom for Christmas!! (They're the only thing I asked for.) Right now one's holding nail tools, and the other is acting as a pencil cup. I love these so much. They're just so "me" and make my space feel good.

Here's a little candy dish I got in 2011 at Target when it was Easter. For a long time it was where I would put skeins of embroidery floss and my pincushion and he'd get shuffled around with my craft stuff, but now he's a little station on my desk where I can put my necklaces.

(The glittery fox necklace was another Christmas gift! My mom is awesome.)

This little dish is an "appetizer plate" from Target. It was from a clearance shelf and was $2. I am just really attracted to mustard, so I snagged just one to use as a catch-all for smaller items on my desk. Sometimes it's a coaster... right now it has a thumb drive, a spare button, lip balms, barettes, and bobby pins.

Two other jewelry/hair stuff catch-alls I use are these little pink ramekins from the dollar section at Michael's. Yes! Dollar storage? I am there! I need to see if I can get a few more of these.

One holds barettes of various types and Goody spin pins; the other holds earrings. I'd like to get another just for bobby pins. I have so many, but I go through them so fast!


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