conquest of cute

Straight up, it's nearly impossible to find 17" laptop cases/sleeves/bags! Especially cute ones. Yeah, I know my laptop is huge and won't fit in any backpack or purse (unless I get a really huge one), but why should that prevent me from having a nice way to keep it from being damaged when I'm hauling its big butt around?

Googling, Vera Bradley was one of the only makers of 17" laptop sleeves that I could find -- most 17" laptop cases are just plain ugly, whereas it's easy to find terribly cute sleeves for little Macbooks. They're also super expensive, which is rich!

I'm not really into Vera Bradley stuff normally. The patterns can be pretty, but very bright and loud, so I think a little goes a long way and it's best for small items. I love florals, but I like more delicate florals that aren't so stylized. However, at the end of the year, these were on sale for like $22, so I went ahead and got one!

To be honest, I got this one because it was pink, yes, but also, the inside was totally 70s. It looks like the kind of laptop sleeve Marcia Brady would have if she'd had a laptop way back when. The retro Blythe aesthetic is similar, too, I think. I like the inside better than the outside, even.

Anyway, it fits like a glove and I feel a lot better transporting my laptop with some coverage.

Yo, I have a lot to say about cute storage options, so get ready for a slew of posts about that!


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