Pink Progress Report

Yo! If you remember, on the 4th of July, I dyed my hair pink! So exciting. I loved it! I used two different pinks (Special Effects Cupcake Pink and Atomic Pink; the Atomic Pink is very neon and hot, so it was conditioner-diluted to match how the Cupcake Pink looked in my bowl, but came out much different) and got a lot of variation that I thought was super cute. There was some peach, some baby pink, some coral, and some hot pink.

About three or four washes in (with a sulfate free shampoo for color-treated hair) the lightest parts began to look more blonde again, so rather than have half blonde and half pink, I gave my hair another coating the other night.

Now there's a lot less variation, and a it's a lot pinker. But I like this as well. Frankly, it's fun to see myself in these new ways, with different shades. I used both Cupcake and Atomic Pink (mostly Atomic with a little bit of Cupcake) diluted in conditioner.  It's what I would call... neon watermelon.

You can see that there are still peach tones, and some places around my hairline in particular are hot pink -- they never had Cupcake Pink on them. So they basically just have two coats of Atomic Pink, even though both coats were diluted. That would be closer to how Atomic Pink looks normally, undiluted. I very much prefer pinks that aren't too blue, but are more on the reddish-pink side, so I'm happy with how it turned out!

A woman in the grocery store stopped me to tell me that she wanted to do her hair a "fun" color but that she couldn't pull it off like I could. A major thing that stopped me from bleaching my hair and dyeing it crazy colors a long time ago (besides the cost!) was because I was convinced I couldn't pull it off.

Being a pinkhead suits me, spiritually/emotionally. I feel totally myself. It's really weird. I was self-conscious blonde and I expected to be somewhat self-conscious with bright hair, but actually, rather than feeling daring or weird, I just feel really normal.

These pictures don't accurately represent how my hair is normally styled, though. I had impatiently blow-dried it so I could see how the color had turned out, and doing that always destroys my natural waves and makes my hair go all canon Hermione Granger. Usually my hair is quite wavy. I'll try to take better pictures sometime, but I actually hardly ever take selfies at all, so I already feel like I have exceeded my yearly quota in taking pictures for these posts...


  1. Loving the colour! Reminds me of a toned-down Simply Bubble Boom :)

    1. Thanks Michelle! Oh my gosh, I looove Bubble Boom -- what a great comparison!!