Return of the Ripple

Oh, yes! Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes! 2014 is not gonna pass me by without seeing me ripple once more!

I've had this yarn since the beginning of the year, and I even began to chain for it. (Is it weird that I think "cast on"  instead of "chain" even though one only casts on for knitting, and not crocheting?) However, my first attempt was far too long. I really lack the ability to envision size and depth and whatnot -- it's actually a dyscalculia thing, I think, as with my difficulty in following patterns. They are just jumbled messes to me.

Anyway, I ripped out my first attempt, which was actually my second, after a false start in chaining the wrong number. The careful chaining of such a high number of stitches often requires me restarting at least a couple of times. Also, you basically have to do the whole first row before you can see if you chained the right number after all. In all, just starting a ripple takes a concentrated effort, and to me is the hardest part.

After having started it a couple of times only to have to stop and tear it out, which adds up to a couple of hours of work, I put the yarn away for a few months. I really didn't feel like getting going on it again until today.

This time I very carefully sized it to be the same size as a fleece throw I have on my bed; I literally spread out the throw on the floor and chained until the sizing was similar. So, you know, this time it won't be 6.5 by 6 feet...

This throw will be peach, two pinks, coral, and creamsicle. (Of course it will be!! You've seen my blog, right? You know my color jams.) And maybe white. I'm not sure on that yet. I have not really ever decided on a pattern or particular look, except that I'd like larger swathes of color because my first one has very thin stripes. We'll just see what happens, won't we...


  1. Hello, I love this color, the result will be very pretty with the other colors you're going to use I think! For me crocheting is very relaxing, once I figured out the pattern that is :-). Greetings from Belgium

  2. Thank you so much, Night Owl! :) I feel the same about crocheting! Crocheting is perfect work once you get used to the pattern you're doing... it doesn't require TOO much attention! I like to watch TV/movies and crochet at the same time. So relaxing!

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