Santa baby, slip Oofuri under the tree for me.

Whenever I make a Christmas list (at my mom and sisters' behest) I always think of that "My Grown-Up Christmas List" song. My list -- this year, taking the form of an Amazon wish list -- always makes me look like an 11-year-old. As I grow older, the harder I find it to figure out what to ask for around my birthday and Christmas, especially since I don't really enjoy receiving clothes or jewelry as gifts unless I've already picked them out myself.

On it this year: 1) Ookiku Furikabutte!, 2) Tamagotchi P's in pink, 3) various Tamagotchi P deco pierces, 4) Madeline Hatter Ever After High doll (shush, y'all, she's so cute), 5) this super cute Danelectro Honeytone N-10 Guitar Mini Amp in Aqua, 6) Leopard Sass! Like I need another Blythe.

(Nah, I would never ask anyone for a Blythe, but it's certainly something I might buy myself, if given Christmas money... also, I sincerely doubt anyone would get me an EAH doll, either!)


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