The first N-O-E-L.

My grandma has these really cute retro ceramic letters with elves on them that spell NOEL... I love seeing them every year! We've never had any at our house, though. On one of our eight thousand recent trips to the craft store (seriously) I saw one of those rows of variously-sized letters made of wood and cardboard and other mysterious materials and decided to get us some "Noel" letters!

I painted them gold, mixing two different gold acrylic paints, one called "Bright Gold" and one called "Champagne Pearl." I also got glitter paint in Champagne! So after giving them like, seven coats at least, I encrusted them with glitter paint as well, which dried clear except for the flecks of glitter. They can really catch the light and shine!

Here they are on our, um, "mantel," which is not really a mantel, but which is old and brass and has been in our house since long before we lived here. Who knows how many Christmases this thing has seen??

This may be simplistic in terms of craftiness, just hanging out painting some pre-cut letters, but I like it!


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