"It's Raining..." Revisited

I believe it was last summer I posted about covering my med bottles with washi tape and Korean stickers (yes, it was!) and nothing has changed... still doing it!

Seriously, it's the best. Not only does it look cheery and detract from the whole -- for lack of a better word -- medical quality of them, but I used to almost always grab the wrong bottle, and now I can very easily tell what's what. One of the medications I take three times a day, so I just need to know what's what without it taking too long.

I have one of those days-of-the-week pillboxes, but honestly, I just use it for travel.

Just yesterday I picked up a refill that came in an unusually tall bottle. "So tall!" I marveled. "I have to cover it in washi tape immediately!" Then I was in the mood to do some more, especially with the new floral fabric tape I got for my birthday, so I dug out some empties.

Only three of these bottles actually have pills in them, so don't fret. The others are old. I used the one with yellow and heart tapes on it last year for the disastrous anti-anxiety med that derailed my life for, like, six months. But that sticker's super cute, so it's hard to hold grudges.

I really have too much washi tape. WAIT, IS THERE SUCH A THING?


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