Wait, it's Sunday again??

About time a girl wore this MINI JIJO dress! I've had it for a good long while and even though I've considered it many times as I'm dressing a girl, for whatever reason I usually pass over it.

Frankly I didn't know it would wind up on Holland, of all my girls, but paired with this pink tutu (also from MINI JIJO) and her own stock shoes, I think it looks cute, if a little atypical of the way I usually dress Holland.

Holland's also wearing University of Love's pink hair bows and Didee Eureka's stock socks... remember how one of them didn't even fit?? I turned it inside out and cut out a bunch of fabric along the inside hem. Now it will fit, but it's still noticably smaller/snugger than the other sock. I actually don't think it's too noticable in these pictures, but just look how the hem where the lace is attached to the top of the sock bulges around the ankle! Why so crazy thick??

The primary reason Holland's hair is up in these odango (buns) is just because her hair is a real mess whilst down. Holland and Wisp are both in desperate need of hair treatments, and while I'm at it, I might as well give Lamb one, too. Curly girls need a lot of help! Holland's hair is not as curly as Wisp or Lamb's, but I don't think I want to eradicate her waves.

What I've Been Up To This Week:
  • worrrrkk
  • making deer hats!
  • watching anime while I cut felt for said hats (Puella Magi Madoka Magica; Wolf Girl and Black Prince; Kimi ni Todoke)
  • working on a channel trailer for YouTube... so much harder than it sounds!
  • playing around on my electric guitar, which I just realized I've had for nearly a year now -- I still mostly reach for my acoustic guitar, but really jamming out is just a must sometimes, and when one must jam, one must reach for the Stratocaster!


  1. I need to post up a pic of Fawn with the beautiful deer hat! I seriously love it so much, thank you!!!

    I think it's so cute when you do their hair like this with the wild curls. I love it. I'm glad you got those little socks to work, they are great and make this outfit so sweet!

    1. I'm so happy you like it! Fawn's such a beauty!