The unlikely blonde, back for seconds.

July 4th marked my one-year anniversary as a pinkhead! After a year of tending to my own roots with Manic Panic bleach, I knew I wanted to get back into the salon to have a "refresh," so to speak, of my hair, and get rid of some of the little dark patches I had, especially in the back. Make it a nice clean slate so I can spend another year as a pinkhead!

So last week, I finally got that done. I also got it cut, and it's pretty short! I used to have super short hair (a faux hawk, in fact) so it's nowhere near the shortest hair I've ever had, but it's really refreshing just the same.

The pink I had in my hair didn't want to totally lift, which is fine with me, since I just want to put pink on it again anyway. But I'm enjoying my second short stint as a bottle blonde... with stray pink. Being blonde doesn't suit me at all, in terms of my skin tone (in these pictures I'm wearing makeup, so it's more evened out and less red than it is normally), and even though I'd love to have marshmallow pink pastel hair, I don't think that would suit me, either. My face and hair would be the same color!

I'll be putting pink on again sometime this week, whenever I feel up to that, so I wanted to capture my "pastel iZombie" hair while I still could!