Pardon these blurry phone pics. I just put them together randomly for this post, but they are pics of some of my rings! Specifically, the upper shot is was taken the day before I lost that mood ring. I took the picture because I was anxious and it was lingering in a half green, half purple state, which I was bemused by.

I am in deep, deep mourning for my lost mood ring. I had to go through a metal detector at security someplace, and somehow it disappeared from the plastic tub where I had put my hoodie and this ring, delicately perched atop the folded hoodie. I even asked the security guards and they looked around for a few minutes for it. I don't know where it could've gone, but it's not in my hoodie's pockets or anything.

It wasn't an expensive ring, or anything. I got it at Claire's back in December, in a little set with a few other rings, for about $7. It's just that I've already gone back into Claire's to try and find the same ring set, as well as looked at their online store, and haven't been able to.

I have just recently gotten into wearing more rings, and different rings every day. My hands are small and my fingers are stumpy so I don't really like to call attention to them -- nor do I like sparkly, blingy rings. But dang it, I've worn the same ring every day for so long that I can't remember when I got it (I feel like it's been 10 years, or something), so it's been nice to shake things up.

Anyway, as much as I want that mood ring back, I don't need it to tell what kind of mood I am in. I'm in an abnormally low mood so far this month. This just happens sometimes, you know? Brain chemistry. It will pass, and until it does, I am just doing the best I can to take care of basic day-to-day things.


2016? That's spacetimes! That's Elroy Jetson!!

I'm sort of navel-gazey today, and in the mood to re-evaluate/restructure some things in my life -- or at the very least, take a hiatus from said stuff and hit my mental reset button. But that's all vagaries I'm working out in the back of my brain.

For now, just a few pictures from the tail end of 2015.

Finished this floral fox embroidery. I believe I started it in 2012 or 2013? So, well overdue. Sheesh, I like to embroider but I'm not skilled.

For Halloween I scraped together this Princess Lolly (from the board game Candy Land; I believe she's had a redesign since I was a kid) costume. I can't sew, but I can applique like a mofo. I spent an extremely long day cutting, painting, and appliqueing lollipops onto this yellow tulle from dawn to dusk -- not to mention the crown and top of the dress, which aren't pictured here but which you can kinda see in this Instagram pic.

I haven't dressed up in years and I'm not completely sure what possessed me to do it (my hair being Lolly-appropriate, maybe?) but it's cool to have this costume in my closet, at the ready!

Because I spent a ton of time looking at Princess Lolly art and making my costume, when Aimee Ray put this trading card-sized painting up for sale, I snatched it right up. I am definitely a fan of Aimee's -- not only do I have a couple of Blythe dresses from her shop, but I have two of her embroidery books, have done one of her patterns, and also have one of her weavings on my wall -- but I like this particularly because it captures the feeling of my costume and efforts more than actual pictures of me do.

I was lucky enough to see a local production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch this year. I was oddly afraid it would be cringey, but it was amazing. This is the only picture I took, which I regret, but I was very entrangled in the show. I've seen touring productions of Broadway shows as well as other local productions of things, but I think this was the most fun and riveting theater experience I've had.

Finally, Boy got me a geode for Christmas! It's purple!!! I didn't ask specifically for a geode because it's such a random weird thing to want, and I didn't really count on him knowing what exactly I was talking about when I mentioned that I wanted one. I actually advised him to pick me out some nail polish, and bought one of those "break your own geodes!" kits off Amazon with a gift card that I also got for Christmas. Then I was given this! It's beautiful, heavy, and fragile. Now I can break those kit geodes with much less anxiety, knowing that I already have a beautiful one, and I feel happily surprised.

I want to paint the stand (not sure what color; if not white, something much lighter, or maybe metallic) and find someplace special for it. As it's pretty heavy, I can't put it on my bedside shelves where I keep such treasures as my Middie, my TBLs, my Tamagotchi collection, and the little white mice figurines given to me by loved ones.

Decluttering to make room for the gifts I was given at Christmas is certainly in my near future, as is some shelf-rearranging. A happy chore to have, I think.

I hope you all had a nice holiday.