90s Teen Witch

It seems we're saying goodbye to winter -- it's been springy here, although I'm sure we'll get snow in May. It's happened before! But before February is out and Easter colors start kicking in, I thought I'd make a post about my bizarre fall/winter aesthetic~ of the past six months.

I'm calling it "90s Teen Witch." It's not particularly any one of these three words -- not fully 90s, not fully teen, and not fully witch.

It's very nostalgic-feeling for me, though. In October I was strongly feeling 7th grade vibes. It was the mid-90s at the time. I wore plaid flannel shirts and blue Converse high tops. I was having memories of random things like the blue lipstick my friend and I bought at Walgreens; the tiny jar of "fairy" glitter we wore on our cheeks; the jewelry we had at the time (happy face necklaces, zodiac sign necklaces, mood rings, and anything with a celestial theme); the music we listened to (a blend of radio hits and stuff like Meat Loaf on cassette tape).

I got a plaid flannel that really jived with the ripple throw I was making for my gentleman friend, and I gave into the yen to collect some celestial jewelry that pinged my nostalgia radar.

I've acquired lots of rings because I did it old-school style, via Claire's, The Icing, and Forever 21. The 90s have been back "in" anyway, so Claire's has jewelry frighteningly similar to the kind they had when my best friend and I hung out at the mall for fun when we were twelve.

I also got three resin rings from the Etsy shop ARTISUNtis. They have gold flecks in them. I bought one in lilac and one in amber, and got a third for free in a darker purple. Perfect!! I love these rings. I actually bought two for my best friend K as well. They're probably the only rings I've got that won't eventually turn my finger green/blue!

Another major aesthetic pleasure for me has been my Nicoletta Ceccoli tarot deck. It was a gift from my little sister and I love it. The beautiful art wasn't necessarily created to be tarot cards, so I am not using the deck to learn (just the basic Rider-Waite deck), but hopefully I'll be able to use it someday. For anyone particularly into the big-headed creepygirl Blythe aesthetic, I recommend Nicoletta Ceccoli's art!

My 90s Teen Witch aesthetic has stretched to encompass geodes and rocks -- although I'm not looking to start collecting crystals or stray Wiccan. My phone case has a bunch of beads and rocks glued to the back of it, haha. "This speaks to my aesthetic," I noted. I have realized that my aesthetic has been that of that one store at the mall that sells incense, pewter figurines of dragons, crystal balls, Enya CDs, and three wolf moon tees.

I've said "aesthetic" a lot now. Here's an interesting video about the trend of using that word, by the way.

To truly harken back to 7th grade, I'd have to add a grape Blow Pop to this picture. I have plenty, but I only just thought of it...

all about that lace

The amazing Anne sent me a long, fluffy blush-pink tutu/crinoline (uh, amongst numerous other confections!) and it's the definition of "I can't even." Visions of sugar plum fairies, I'm telling you.

I was re-dressing some girls the other day (Beatrix and Plummery) and decided to try it on Klara just for fun. I don't really have a top that does it justice, but I did remember that I bought a vintage Barbie petticoat off Etsy at least a year ago and have never gotten the chance to make an outfit with it, so I layered them!

The petticoat is really, really pretty. It feels delicate and it's embroidered with thread that (I believe) is light pastel and might be variegated. It gives it an iridescent effect without being literally iridescent. Super, super pretty. The blush crinoline makes the petticoat stand out to its fullest potential.

I'd love to find a leotard or some kind of top to complete this ensemble. Right now, Klara's just wearing white knee socks and a white t-shirt. Still a stunna.

video: Doll Stuff Haul

Yo! It me. Your friendly neighborhood maidensuit.

I finally filmed a haul video I meant to film several weeks ago. (I had hair issues after my latest round of root-bleaching! It took me a week and a half to gently fix it, and in the meantime I wore a hat, like, everywhere. Also, I have 24/7 face issues, so it's morally questionable that I'm ever on camera at all; I'm just generally apologetic.)

This video is half Blythe stuff and half "other," including some Ever After High dolls that have recently been added to my collection (I guess I have to admit that I sort of have one now...), and also a bit about a small high-def camera I got in December that I thought might help me out with tutorial-style videos.

In the video, I display how the clip on it is loose, but I got some sense and tightened the screws on it that while the video was rendering, so... I'm happy about resolving that issue, but I also suspect it might be a situation where the screws simply loosen with use and will require regular tightening. I hope to experiment more with it now that it is fixed and see what it can do for me. I really have no clue whether it will be a helpful piece of equipment or not! But apparently it can do time-lapse videos and I really want to make one of those!!