a good end for February

Simply Peppermint finally arrived today! Well, I guess it's technically yesterday, since it's pushed on into the AM, but she got here in Friday afternoon.


She took my breath away with how cute she is! She's so pale and pristine, and while Aury has an impishness and an awakeness, an attentiveness, about her, Simply Peppermint -- to me -- looks more serene and shy.

I had to wait till I'd done a bunch of errands to have a moment to unwrap her, and I was still pulling her boots up her legs when I had to leave again for my Friday night plans. I haven't really gotten to play with her yet, or name her! (I'm pretty picky about names! When they come fast, they're perfect, but if they don't come fast, I'm terribly indecisive, because it has to be right.) But I did put her in that beautiful plummy dress...

I also crocheted her a little headband to go with the sophisticated outfit! It's just a line of single crochet on a chain, but it works! The yarn is sort of a heathered cream hue with flecks of plum, brown, and green in it, pretty perfect really.


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