December doings

Making a scarf... I haven't made a scarf in years, but I just felt like making one for a friend's mom. I'm going to put tassels on it. I don't remember how to make tassels, because it's been that long! But I'll figure it out again. This colorway is really strange.

Wrapped the first presents of the year today! We don't have any holiday decor out yet.

suspect this may be heaven

Something delightful arrived in the mail today! After many months, it is the cute yellow ukulele I asked for on my last birthday. Back in May, it was back-ordered, so I just got it!

Right now the strings are like rubber bands, so it's not tuned yet, but it did get named: Sunny! It makes a cute little pair with my white guitar, Ghosty Boo. I'm excited because even though it's a cheap ukulele, I've read that you can switch out the strings with better ones and get a really nice sound.

And Mallow happened to be wearing the dress that was on my list in that same birthday post, and which I acquired. I couldn't resist taking a picture of them together! I'm kind of surrounded in yellow right now...

Yesterday I bought some cheapy white and mustard acrylic yarn so I can fixate further on granny squares! Also this cinnamon-scented candle. After several months, I'm still kind of addicted.

not a grown-up Christmas list at all

I find the older I get (and I am plenty old, thanks) the less I can think of to ask for occasions such as Christmas, or my birthday. I can always think of things I need... like underwear, which to me is just about the least fun, fulfilling, or happy-making thing to ask for. I do not like anyone else to buy me clothes or accessories or anything that goes on my body in any way. I usually wind up asking for a lot of TV on DVD because you can never go wrong there.

But while I was seeking out a couple of images for a Christmas list post, I started getting irresponsible and picking out stuff I would never ask anyone for...

Like 2) new glasses... 3) simple acrylic yarn for granny square throw... and 4) a University of Love Blythe!

I have asked for 1) a super-basic and un-fancy sewing machine so I can continue my quest to improve my sewing skills.

Looking at this list, I don't need any of it like I do underwear. Is it about the most frivolous thing ever to spend money on dolls instead of underwear? Probably.

granny practice

Hello, December!

Still recovering from a double-whammy illness acquired sadly near Thanksgiving. But my holiday shopping is on track and I'm really in the mood to crochet...

I've been wanting to make a granny square throw for what feels like years now. I find them really fun to make (even though I have to basically re-learn how to do it every time I make any!) but the least fun to actually attach together. I really want to find a way to do this with minimal pain so next year I can make the cheapy, cheesy, and of course shabby chic-y granny square throw of my dreams! In the meantime, scoping out grannies on Ravelry and doing scrap squares for practice.

PS: Now that it's colder outside, I'm definitely happy I have my ripple -- especially as my everyday blanket is falling apart despite my attempts to mend it!