conquest of cute, part 2

What is with all the cute plastic storage bins lately?? I was looking all over for an acceptable small (but not too small) plastic storage bin last summer while Target and JoAnn's had their dorm-ready storage options out. It took me forever to find just one. But this winter, I've found all kinds of cute boxes.

While yarn shopping at Michael's the other day, I cut purely coincidentally through a row with baskets and boxes because a lady with a big shopping cart was blocking my path. Thank goodness I did, because, SCORE! All the storage stuff was 40% off.

These giganto floral boxes (16.7 inches x 11 inches, and 6.6 deep) were $8 each, so I assume they had to be about $15 each originally. Yipes. They're so pretty!! I'm glad I scooped 'em! One of them is holding all my future ripple yarn, as pictured in this post.

These two cute little boxes on the bottom (7.1 inches x 6.3 inches, 4.1 deep) were about $2.50 each, rounding up. Polka dots and rainbow stripes? Thank you, whatever perfect trend is occurring right now. (The flowery one on top is from JoAnn's aduring the fall, and is one I settled on after lots of looking around; it's almost the exact same size. They almost look like a set, though!)

Another Cute Storage Post coming up.


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