new year, same ol' me

After Christmas I pretty much went into hibernation! I haven't even been writing much; it feels like that was all I did last year, so I miss it. I think I blew a fuse with doing holiday stuff plus a huge amount of writing in a two-week THROWDOWN SHOWDOWN.

But I'm ready to tackle 2014 now. I've been cleaning and purging. And I'm ready to brainstorm on the ripple throw I want to make this year! I went yarn shopping today! Scored some cute storage bins half off, too!

I definitely know that I am going to use the above shades (Vanna's Choice in "pink" and "goldfish" -- "goldfish" previously being under the Vanna's Choice Baby umbrella, to my knowledge) and lots of white (good ol' cheap Red Heart) to keep it airy. The name "goldfish" insinuates orange, but really it's a deep coral with a watermelony tone.

Actually, my purse (it's from Payless; I'm a cheap purse kind of girl) is a really similar color! It's sort of a vivid bubblegum pink. I'd call it a watermelon pink. On the website, it looks kind of light and pastel. In real life, it's darker and more saturated. I think I must be very attracted to this color right now.

My first ripple used a lot of that same Vanna's Choice pink, but also a lighter pastel baby pink. Look, I just like pink...

Anyway, I think I want at least one more color in this ripple. Ideally I'd love a peach or sherbet/creamsicle kind of color, but I haven't seen anything yet... so maybe I'll go off the reservation and throw a mint in there??


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