Cat ear headbands. Starlet tested, Cure Touch approved.

My love for animal eared hats is well-documented. I even have some bear ear barrettes that I made.

Cat eared headbands have been in the past couple of years -- you could argue they're a 2013 trend, but I am still seeing a lot of them, and I love them. Taylor Swift wore some in one of her music videos, Lea Michele wore some on the cover of Nylon, and various celebs like Katy Perry have been seen in a pair now and then. There are even some ultra high-fashion versions you can see on Nicole Riche and Beyonce.

However, the queen of adorable cat eared headbands is undeniably Ariana Grande. I've seen more cute and varied pairs on Ariana Grande than anyone else, and I love that she wears them all year round. She definitely doesn't feel like they have to be a Halloween-only thing, or a party-only thing. She performs in them and hangs around in them.

I've got the pair she's wearing in the center picture, there (they're from Urban Outfitters, last year).

My collection has grown this year. Now I have four pairs. And the time of year is ripe to score some more!

I got the black pairs from Urban Outfitters (as stated, last year), Rue 21 (this year; they had at least a couple of different types, but I got the lacy ones rather than the sequined ones), and this ebay seller. The latter were extremely cheap, as you might expect, and both pairs arrived with at least one gem/pearl having popped off the headband. I was able to hot glue the pearls back into place easily, but the gem didn't stay, and now I don't know where it's gotten off to. These also aren't the most comfortable things ever. You get what you pay for! But I really don't mind. I still think they are really cute!

If you see any cute cat eared headbands while you're out shopping, let me know!!


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