Christmas trees / room tour...

Remember my pink mini tree? It's back! I acquired another mini tree this year, this one even more mini! It's white and it was, like, $5, so. It's joined my pink tree on my sewing table.

Hey, some people on YouTube requested a room tour, so... I filmed that this week. I remember a commenter here asking me if I'd do a room tour once, too. Here it is, if you're interested.

As always, mixed feelings about this kind of thing... I don't feel happy with it (skipped over some stuff, didn't have enough lighting, hate the sound of my own voice, et cetera), but I guess I just did the best I could with what equipment I've got and I'm glad I edited the footage down from an hour to 34 minutes.

Anyway, something that wasn't in my video is that my pink tree has a string of LED lights with snowflakes on them, and they give off a blue-toned white glow. I prefer warm-toned lights so it kind of clashes with my room, but it makes this picture of my Simply Bubble Boom, named Fidelia, and my Jack Skellington Funko Pop figurine look like a scene from the iconic "What's This?" scene! 

What's this? What's this? These trees are awfully small! What's this? There's green on every wall! What's this? The teeth are smiling, what's with that, how creepy! Endless felt and rows of dolls! What's this??


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