Ripple Throw Progress Report: 2014 ripple dunzo!

Big ol' swathes of creamsicle, goldfish, rose pink, peach, lullaby pink, goldfish again, and creamsicle again! I'm honestly not too jazzed about this one, although it does go nicely with my bedsheets. I'm not sure why it doesn't turn my crank much. But I wanted it to look really different from my first, which I think was a goal definitely accomplished!

I definitely think I'll make another in 2015!


  1. Grr, I think Blogger ate my comment.

    ANYWAYS... I recently finished my own crochet throw :) The actual crocheting part was done (literally) months ago, but I recently just took in all the ends (so many ends...). How many balls of yarn went into this one?

    1. Ooh, cool! I want to see pics of your throw!! I always crochet the ends right in as I go, so I'm only left with the two tails at either end to weave in.

      Man, I used a lot of Vanna's Choice balls, which are pretty small skeins to be relying on for a throw, but the two pinks and coral color called goldfish were all 2 2/12 (so, basically 3) balls of Vanna's Choice. That number adds up quickly to 12 :( The creamsicle color was from one of those HUGE one-pound Caron balls, and it looks like I barely put a dent in the ball at all. Still have lots of peach, too, from a regular-sized skein. So... 14 or so, I guess? :)