Whatever happened to Willa Ford? ("Gimme Gimme Gimme")

I've posted my rando Christmas lists a few times in the past, so here's this year's:

Wow, 2 and 3: books! I don't often ask for those. I've done the KonMari method this year without even reading the book, just having learned about it from videos and blog posts. It's been extremely effective for me even though I've just done my own spin on it, and I'd like to read the actual book. I bet it will be inspiring! I've also been very slowly studying Tarot, and this was a recommended book.

There's always some thing I don't really think I'll get, but you never know. This year it's a geode (5). All I can really find are Smash Your Own Geode kits, or whatever, which makes me nervous because I can't tell what I'm going to get. I'm just a smidge too anxious to want to take a random chance and to have to break it myself. What if I completely ruined it??

So that's my Christmas list! What's on yours? You can tell me. Geodes and books about cleaning = no judgment here!!


  1. My xmas list is pretty informal this year! I have some books and shirts on my Amazon wishlist as always, and I'm perpetually happy to receive yarn or fabric or other crafty goods! :) I guess I'll find out in a few days!

    1. Bless Amazon wishlists, I love 'em. Similarly, I always appreciate and use gift cards for craft stores!! I hope you had a good Christmas, Anne! Thank you for your comments!

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